Take the plunge

Finally I did it!!!

I always wanted to be able to collect my thoughts and keep them in a place where I could go and look back at them. I am a firm believer that reading thoughts from your own good old days, can help you get out of sad and depressing times. Since they are based on your own struggles and victories, they inspire you more than any other form of inspiration.

I also wanted to preserve my thoughts hoping that someday my kids would be able to benefit from them. As children grow up, they find it more and more difficult to go to parents for advice. So, I wanted to just put it out there, hoping that they or somebody else in need can benefit from it.

So… I started my own blog.

This hasn’t been easy for me. I have been toying with this idea for a long time – months to be honest. Every time I thought that I will start, some or the other fear would grip me.

The first fear was fear of the unknown. I did not know where to begin – where to start making my website (although I am pretty good at IT). I did not know what I would write about. I was also not quite sure if I could do it.

The next fear was fear of judgement. I was worried what people would think about me if they read it. I was scared of being labelled, and of failing in front of a large audience.

Then there was the fear of catastrophe. I developed cold feet thinking of all the probable (and improbable) things that could go wrong, and how it would mess up my smooth sailing life.

Finally, I developed enough courage to overcome all these and a million other minuscule doubts, and wrote my first post.

So for anyone trying to start something new, here are a few tips that I stumbled upon and tried

  1. Fear of unknown – This is the easiest to overcome. With the google genie at your fingertips, you can find out “almost” anything. However, beware of too many options. Too many options make it difficult to decide. Try to find ways to do things, but then zero in on one of them and just commit to it. It might not be the best of the best, but it needs to be good enough to get you started. You can change course as the journey progresses. Remember when you were a baby – you first crawled, then walked and then ran. Start small.
  2. Fear of judgement – Lets face it, you want people to look up to you. Nobody likes negative labels. This thought of what people think about you forces you to give up on a lot of things even before you start. But you forget something very important – life is so busy now, and people don’t have time to think about others. So don’t worry about others, and remind yourself about the famous quote – “People who mind don’t matter, and people who matter don’t mind”
  3. Self-doubt – This happens when you procrastinate on an idea. There are a couple of solutions to not allow the mind time to think negative thoughts
  • Start ASAP – It is the best solution, but it may not always be possible.
  • Positive visualizations – Think about why you want to start something. Then visualize how it would feel to get going with your ideas. Once you visualize yourself doing something, it starts feeling much more real and possible to achieve

So these were some things that helped me. Hope they help you too….